Analytics & Measurement – Instant Articles | Facebook

Earn Traffic Attribution Credit

Count Instant Articles views in the Facebook app as you do traffic to your mobile site. Instant Articles supports all third-party measurement services, including ABC, AGOF, comScore, Effective Measure, IVW, Mediametrie, Nielsen and more.

Measure Engagement with your Analytics Tools

Analyze real-time article traffic by embedding tracking codes from your existing web analytics tools, just like on the mobile web. Instant Articles is compatible with in-house systems and any third-party providers like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

Understand How People Read and Engage

Use first-party data from Facebook to gain insight into interactions with your Instant Articles, including the following article-level metrics: clicks, time spent, and scroll depth. Instant Articles traffic and engagement data are also aggregated into your Page Insights dashboards for a holistic view of performance at the post and Page levels.

Integrate Instant Articles Data

Retrieve Instant Articles data through an API, enabling easy import of the data into in-house analytics systems. Analytics can be queried for individual articles or reported in aggregate across the entire set of Instant Articles published by a Page.